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Green D+ receives attention from AMPS magazine

by Power Electrics | May 09, 2018

Power Electrics will be featured in next month’s AMPS magazine alongside bio-fuel manufacturer Green Biofuels for their joint-work on an innovative new bio-diesel named Green D+.

Sourced from Neste, the world’s leading supplier of renewable diesel and combined with a patented additive nano technology, Green D+ cuts harmful emissions by up to 94%. This, along with its better shelf life and rate of efficiency compared to regular diesel is what is catching the eye of national publications.

AMPS boasts some powerful industry giants such as JCB, Honda, FG Wilson, CAT and Scania, all of whom could benefit from using Green D+ in their generators.

Pressures from a tight world economy and penalties from environmental legislation that is growing ever more zealous have forced manufacturing, logistics and other industrial markets to seek new ways of becoming environmentally sustainable. Green D+ puts Power Electrics ahead of the curve and in a position add market value as a supplier of a leading bio-fuel when such a fuel becomes an imperative.  

It is a common claim to produce a product that is environmentally sustainable and some are far more effective than others. To ensure that Green D+ meets the highest industry and regulatory standards, Green Biofuels sources the fuel that goes into Green D+ from Neste. Among a number of accolades Neste was ranked the 2nd most sustainable company in the entire world in the 2018 Global 100 index. Also, if you were wondering exactly how environmentally sustainable Green D+ actually is, you can compare it with Red Diesel here